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Rice Bran Oil has many benefits compared to other cooking oils. The Cooking oil with that nine and much more

  1. Unique among dietary fats loweing LDLwithout effecting HDL.
  2. Most desired for prevention of cholesterol absorption due to its higher content of Sitosterol.
  3. Low in saturates for good health.
  4. High in Oleic among unsaturates for excellent nutrtion.
  5. Widely popular among nutritionists for muscle building propensity of Oryzanols present.
  6. High vitamin-E activity due to Tocopherols and Tocotrienols.
  7. High smoke point means no deleterious breakdown products during cooking.
  8. Helps in control of Insulin resistance in non-obese diabetic patients.
  9. Fried foods have longer shelf life.
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